First Order of Business

So before we begin, here are some things you need to know:

1) I’m a rabid Utah Jazz fan.  Long story that involves much intrigue, but sadly won’t be discussed.  Needless to say, the Jazz’s terribly performance this season has me seething, especially with the resignation of the best coach ever (HoFer Jerry Sloan).  Much more on them to come.  Also, shoot me now if you have any inside information telling me that they’re drafting anyone from Butler or Jimmer.

2) Other favorite teams: Dallas (I’ll explain later); San Antonio (gotta love the whole Spurs organization); Detroit (one of those home-town things)

3) Teams I hate: I know, it’s pathetic, but my list reads like the most generic list ever; LALakers (I know it’s not right to hate, but, but, but…); Miami (Super-friends – ’nuff said); NY Knicks (So much hype, so little results); Portland/Denver (not real hate, but they’re in the same division as my Jazz); PS – my theory is that you really can’t hate non-contenders, because they are mere speed-bumps compared to the border crossings.

4) Favorite players: Dirk Nowitzki (the reason I like Dallas, plain and simple); Rajon Rondo (dude got no jumper and he’s still an NBA player/starter/all-star); Paul Millsap (obvious reasons); Tim Duncan/Manu Ginobili (again, Spurs are awesome); Gordan Hayward (again, obvious reasons).

Great, so now that I’ve covered where I’m coming from, here are a couple more things you should know about me.  I love Doctor Who (British SciFi) and will probably make lots of references should this blog have any continuity.  I’m not very tall and I’m not very fast, so I will abstain from claiming that I can do the things that I am critiquing (except, of course, Rondo’s horrific jumpshot and Shaq’s unbearable FTs).  I love to write, so if I crash and burn in this blog, you should probably let me know so I don’t make any ill-fated career moves.  I’ll never claim to be impartial to anything, so you know what you’re getting yourself into.  Let’s do this,

Yours Truly,


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