Getting Started

So I like basketball, a lot.  Particularly NBA basketball.  And, since this is the NBA play-offs and I have, like every other rabid fan out there, been dying to let (actually make) my opinion be heard, I have started this blog.

So here are some things I plan on doing:

1) Reviewing games that I watch.  I don’t much want to talk about games that I don’t get to see, because that would be entirely foolish since it’s just repeating something ESPN told me, so I’ll try to focus on actual first-hand insight.

2) Be funny/creative.  Nothing is more boring than reading a wall of text.

3) Give what little analysis and opinion I can muster to entertain and inform the few of you who will actually ever read this (hi dad).

So that’s that.  I hope you enjoy reading whatever nonsense that I post here and that it does, in some part, make your day brighter (or at least a tiny bit more controversial).

Yours Truly,


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