I was going over the games in my head last night as I sung myself to sleep and I realized that I was in a boiling rage.  Now, in case you missed my first few blogs and in case you hadn’t realized from my writing, I am biased and opinionated and proud of it.  So here’s my rant against the officiating in the last couple Dallas v OKC games.  In the last two games, Tyson Chandler has picked up two techs and Terry another for absolutely nothing at all.  Let’s go through those technicals.

First, Chandler picked one up in game 2 for Perkins running into him.  Let’s be real, Perkins is a bully who has been getting bullied around for three games now.  Chandler is 9/15 with 36 rebounds and 26 points while Perk is 5/8 with 15 points and 14 rebounds.  Oh, and Perk’s calling card – defense – has been completely missing from OKC’s play through 3 games.  Perkins has looked silly guarding Nowitzki on the wings and been beaten down low by Chandler.  So what does he do?  After game 1 he comes out and stupidly says that he hates Chandler just as Chandler hates him.  Only problem is that Chandler doesn’t give a crap about Perkins.  Chandler is a key contributor defensively (and to some degree offensively, by being good enough that you can’t leave him to double Nowitzki) on a team that has championship aspirations; Perkins right now is a whiner who is more interested in bumping and hating people down low than making the plays OKC needs to win.  It’s as simple as that.  So when Perkins gets “tied up” with Chandler, I guarantee you it’s not Chandler who initiated the contact.

The Terry tech was also particularly annoying, because there was clearly no intent to harm.  Terry flailed (if you can call it that), because he got hacked on the play.  Harden’s flop on the play (I believe it was Harden) was pathetic.  In no universe should that technical have been called.

Then there’s Chandler’s second technical.  On this play, Harden made a layup, Chandler took the ball out of the net, turned, and got nailed in the body by the much smaller Harden, who then insisted on going through Chandler running into him yet again.  Finally, Chandler, not wanting to get into anything, put his hands up above his head just in time for Harden to run into him again, this time flopping and writhing in pain for about 5 second before getting right back up.  That technical was a horrible call and it just reinforced the pathetic flopping that’s becoming rampant throughout the league.

Furthermore, the way game three was called was horrible.  The refs absolutely refused to call any fouls on the bountiful hacking Collison and Ibaka did on Nowitzki all night.  Every play, Dirk was being shoved, especially off the ball, never letting him establish any sort of position.  Collison in particular would use his legs to get under Nowitzki’s back, forcing him further and further out of the paint.  While I don’t think there are any hard and fast rules about forcing an opponent out of the paint, such untempered aggression and physicality is clearly illegal.  Why there were no calls being made is beyond my comprehension, but if the games continue to be called so loosely, it is going to be next to impossible for a less athletic, less physical team like Dallas to win the series.

Yours Truly,


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