Finals 2011 (The Lebacle II)

Once upon a time, my mother told me that if I couldn’t say anything nice, I shouldn’t say anything at all.  Here are some of my favorite tweets on Lebron in the aftermath of the Heat meltdown in the finals (yes, I’m calling it a meltdown, because anytime your team is more talented and vastly underperforms to the point of losing to an inferior team, I consider that a meltdown).  Sorry, mom.

  • Why didn’t LeBron James go to college? Because he didn’t want to show up for finals.
  • Retweet if you have as many rings as Lebron James
  • LeBron James contemplating an NHL career where he doesn’t have to play 4th quarters
  • I demand Lebron James have another hour long press conference to explain what went wrong. He could call it The Regret.
  • Tomorrow is Lebron James day. Everyone gets to leave work 12 minutes early.
  • How many turnovers did LeBron James have in Game 6? Not two, not three, not four, not five…
  • BREAKING: Lebron James has officially filed a police report for his missing talents.
  • Lebron James could never be a Green Latern! He doesn’t have a ring!
  • Y’all hear about that Lebron James bathtub cleaner…. It leaves no rings!!!
  • I’m the LeBron James of finishing a whole bag of cheese puffs. I can’t.
  • Sometime this summer, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James are going to get a giant box of Ricola Cough Drops postmarked GERMANY.
  • “Sorry Dwayne it didn’t workout, I’m gonna visit Kobe, see if he can get me a ring.” –LeBron James
  • BREAKING: LeBron James‘s bandwagon was found empty and abandoned on the side of the road.
  • Someone asked Lebron James for a dollar, he only had 75 cents, He didn’t have the fourth quarter.
  • Lebron James? Don’t recall that name. Doesn’t have a ring to it.
  • Are Lebron James & Dwayne Wade gonna mock and mimic Dirk and his championship celebration now???
  • Is LeBron James going to have a “Why we lost” primetime special?
  • I have already ordered my Lebron James turtle neck t shirt. What color do you want?
  • Apparently LeBron James lied to us. His talents certainly are not in South Beach.
  • Whats the difference between LeBron and Saturn? One has rings.
  • My baby daughter just took a “LeBron Fourth Quarter” in her diaper.
  • Lebron reminds me of Michael Jordan… when Jordan played baseball.
  • Stop harshing on Lebron – not even the best player on his team, much less the finals. Talk about the star players
  • Some people think I am too hard on Lebron. Folks, I’m not going to go easy on someone who deliberately chose the twitter name @KingJames.
  • I’d say more about LeBron, but I have all these personal problems.
I’ll have more on the clinching game and the series in general soon enough, too.  I’ll probably throw in another piece on Lebron and the Decision, too.  In a lot of ways, I want to fast-forward to the end of Lebron’s career so we can have a better view of how things are going to play out for the King.
Yours Truly,
  1. It was really good to see the Mavericks win. I think the Heat responded with class immediately but lets see how classy they remain over the next few weeks. *cough *cough

    • Becca
    • June 28th, 2011

    You should blog about the sportspocalypse.

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