The Decision (part 2)

Before I begin talking about the upcoming NBA finals, I just wanted to add a couple words on Lebron James.  As you’ve seen, I posted a long(ish) article about the “Decision” and why I thought it was such a bad idea.  Well, one very weird story that I’ve been hearing and reading a lot in the media over the last week or so has been that the SuperFriends’ get together was/is good for the NBA.  Needless to say, I think this is total garbage.  The evidence used currently to support such theories is that the ratings for the NBA have never been better for the NBA at large and for the Miami Heat specifically.  Three things about this trend: 1) it’s extremely short-term 2) it can’t tell why people are watching 3) higher viewership does not equal “good for the NBA.”  Let me explain. Continue reading


The Decision

Recently, two ESPN articles have come out talking about Lebron James and how he is seen by the public.  So I’ve decided to take up the issue of James and his image, especially now with his Heat on the precipice of the NBA championship.  So here you have it – the reasons why people hate the Heat and more specifically, Lebron James. Continue reading

Round 3, Game 5 (Chicago v Miami)

There really are not words for what happened last night in Chicago.  For anyone  who follows this blog, it is no secret my disdain for Lebron, Miami and the SuperFriends, so what I saw last night felt horrible.  With every jumper, layup and bad foul call, something inside me died.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d already consigned myself to the fact that the SuperFriends would win, but seeing them actually dominate crunch-time and sweep Chicago and its vaunted defense out of the way with such ease was sickening. Continue reading

Round 3, Game 5 (Dallas v OKC)

And that’s how Dallas went back to the NBA finals.  The series, which most experts predicted would go 6 or 7 (and which a significant number predicted the Thunder would win), came down to 5 incredibly entertaining games.  Revisionists and fools will look at the stats and forgot, or simply miss, how close the games were.  It’s not that Dallas’ game 4 comeback will be forgotten, or that there was not a double-digit victory the entire series.  No, what will be lost is that OKC had chances, good chances, to win games 3, 4, and 5, only to come up short.  People will see the 5 game series and fail to remember that OKC stole one in Dallas and that the series was tied at 1-1 and could easily have been 2-0 for OKC, but for Nowitzki’s heroics. Continue reading

Round 3, Game 4 (Miami v Chicago)

I don’t want to be that snot that says “I told you so,” but the truth is that I did, so I’m going to take this opportunity to gloat.  If you don’t like listening to (or reading of, as the case may be) my bragging, then you probably need to find another blog to read. Continue reading

Round 3, Game 4 (OKC v Dallas)

Truth is I’m still recovering from watching that game.  I only started with the 4th quarter, but I do believe I saw quite enough to have an accurate idea of what happened.  For those of you who don’t know, here’s a short summary of the game: the Thunder dominated the first quarter, held off the Mavs, built a 15-point 4th quarter lead with just 5 minutes remaining… only to see Dirk and the Mavericks come all the way back and win in OT. Continue reading

Round 3, Game 3 (Miami v Chicago)

Here we go.  I’ve decided that I’m going to change the way I write these blogs to cater to more analysis than recap, which I feel is more interesting both to me as a writer and any reader who is a true basketball fan. Continue reading