Round 3, Game 1 (Chicago v Miami)

I watched this game earlier tonight between intense games of “Bang” (a card game), so I wasn’t watching as intently as I maybe could have.  However, there is still much I can take away from the game.

Remember (if you read my preview blog for the series) when I used the word “desire” about 100 times?  Well, in case anyone was paying the slightest attention, desire, want, passion, whatever – that’s what the Bulls brought to the game and that was what was really missing from the Heat throughout the night.  Every loose ball, every rebound, every broken play ended with a Chicago dunk or 3. Continue reading


Chicago v Miami (Preview)

Here’s a quick rundown of how I see this playoff matchup going down:

Miami wins if: Lebron shows up… for the whole series.  If Miami falls down 2-0 or 2-1, it’s going to take a lot of mental toughness to overcome Chicago’s fantastic, grinding defense.  And Lebron does have a track record of quitness-ing in tough playoff positions.  Miami has had multiple bizzaro stretches where they’ve completely fallen asleep for quarters, halves, games, even weeks at a time.  Can’t do that in a tight playoff game.  If they can muster up the desire, Miami certainly has the talent to take the series in 6. Continue reading

Round 2, Game 7 (OKC v Memphis)

So the game just ended and here’s what I’ve got.  I missed the first quarter, but caught the last 3 of the game.  Initial thoughts: the best team won.  In fact, the way OKC played, one is left wondering how Memphis even competed and sent this series to seven games.  A telling stat – Memphis came back to win 2 games after being down by 10 or more at the half.  I do believe that Memphis simply played with more heart and desire than OKC, but in the end talent won out. Continue reading

The Playoffs so Far (East)

Sorry for falling asleep on my blog last night.  I didn’t finish the Eastern Conference breakdown as intended, but here we go.  About an hour and a half before game-time, so hopefully this will get up by then. Continue reading

The Playoffs so Far (West)

So where do we stand?  With the Eastern Conference Finals starting in about 19 hours, and the Western Conference Finals to be set by about 6:30 PM Eastern time, I’ve got a boatload of reviewing to do if I want to actually cover all of the stuff that’s happened so far.  Well, then I guess I won’t.  Instead, I’ll just give some highlights both of my writing and my analysis to let you know what kind of reading you are in for.  Hold on to your hats, folks. Continue reading

First Order of Business

So before we begin, here are some things you need to know:

1) I’m a rabid Utah Jazz fan.  Long story that involves much intrigue, but sadly won’t be discussed.  Needless to say, the Jazz’s terribly performance this season has me seething, especially with the resignation of the best coach ever (HoFer Jerry Sloan).  Much more on them to come.  Also, shoot me now if you have any inside information telling me that they’re drafting anyone from Butler or Jimmer. Continue reading

Getting Started

So I like basketball, a lot.  Particularly NBA basketball.  And, since this is the NBA play-offs and I have, like every other rabid fan out there, been dying to let (actually make) my opinion be heard, I have started this blog. Continue reading