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Round 3, Game 5 (Dallas v OKC)

And that’s how Dallas went back to the NBA finals.  The series, which most experts predicted would go 6 or 7 (and which a significant number predicted the Thunder would win), came down to 5 incredibly entertaining games.  Revisionists and fools will look at the stats and forgot, or simply miss, how close the games were.  It’s not that Dallas’ game 4 comeback will be forgotten, or that there was not a double-digit victory the entire series.  No, what will be lost is that OKC had chances, good chances, to win games 3, 4, and 5, only to come up short.  People will see the 5 game series and fail to remember that OKC stole one in Dallas and that the series was tied at 1-1 and could easily have been 2-0 for OKC, but for Nowitzki’s heroics. Continue reading


Round 3, Game 4 (OKC v Dallas)

Truth is I’m still recovering from watching that game.  I only started with the 4th quarter, but I do believe I saw quite enough to have an accurate idea of what happened.  For those of you who don’t know, here’s a short summary of the game: the Thunder dominated the first quarter, held off the Mavs, built a 15-point 4th quarter lead with just 5 minutes remaining… only to see Dirk and the Mavericks come all the way back and win in OT. Continue reading


I was going over the games in my head last night as I sung myself to sleep and I realized that I was in a boiling rage.  Now, in case you missed my first few blogs and in case you hadn’t realized from my writing, I am biased and opinionated and proud of it.  So here’s my rant against the officiating in the last couple Dallas v OKC games.  In the last two games, Tyson Chandler has picked up two techs and Terry another for absolutely nothing at all.  Let’s go through those technicals. Continue reading

Round 3, Game 3 (OKC v Dallas)

Ah, how the plot thickens.  Not really, since I did expect the Mavs to pull at least one out in OKC before all was said and done.  But still, this game did not follow any script that I was writing – and that’s an understatement.  The game was a strange combination of many, many factors with no one player having a great game, and I truly believe this is as interesting a game as you’ll ever see. Continue reading

Round 3, Game 2 (Dallas v OKC)

It was a sad day for me on Thursday night.  Okay, I’ll stop being so dramatic, but in all truthfulness (which for some unbeknownst reason I value, evidently) I was dead wrong in how I thought game 2 would play out.  I knew OKC hadn’t been blown out, even though Dirk had put up 48 and that even in Dallas’ most dominant hour, they still didn’t look like they were crushing the Thunder at any point.  But I really believed that Dallas was a better basketball team and with far more drive to get back to the finals. Continue reading

Dallas v OKC (Preview)

I’m very excited about this series.  Love Dallas and OKC is definitely one of the more exciting teams out there.  Also, as of right now, I don’t actually know where this blog is going so this will be the first time I see my predictions, too:

OKC wins if: the Mavs truly are old and cannot keep up with Durrant, who does his best Ray Allen impersonation off-ball, and Westbrook, who pulls a Steve Nash and decimates Dallas’ D from within.  OKC has a great supporting cast around Durant and Westbrook, but there’s a reason it’s called the supporting cast.  Ibaka and Harden will have large roles to play in this series (on defense and offense respectively), but it does come down to the Thunder’s dynamic duo. Continue reading

Round 2, Game 7 (OKC v Memphis)

So the game just ended and here’s what I’ve got.  I missed the first quarter, but caught the last 3 of the game.  Initial thoughts: the best team won.  In fact, the way OKC played, one is left wondering how Memphis even competed and sent this series to seven games.  A telling stat – Memphis came back to win 2 games after being down by 10 or more at the half.  I do believe that Memphis simply played with more heart and desire than OKC, but in the end talent won out. Continue reading