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The Economics of the NBA (or Why we have an NBA Lockout)

Having an interest in both economics as well as basketball means that the lockout is a perfect storm of intrigue for yours truly.  And, of course, being the opinionated blogger that I am, it gives me perfect material for yet another piece.  I’ve heard all sorts of “millionaires against billionaires” stories, but I don’t really want to simply add another uninformed (or semi-informed) opinion, so instead I’ll take what I know from the NBA financially and cross it with what I know from economics and we’ll see what we get in the end.  So here’s my perspective on what’s going on with the NBA. Continue reading


2011 Draft (part 2)

It’s like 2:30 AM.  I should be in bed.  But basketball waits for no man (woman or child), so let’s do this thing.  With the 6th pick in the 2011 NBA draft, the Washington Wizards selected Jan Vesely (SF/PF; Czech) in their attempt to create the most athletic and out-of-control team in history.  I’m alright with this pick for the Wizards mostly because I am extremely ambivalent (yes, very, very ambivalent) to them as a team.  I don’t think Vesely will be anything spectacular in the NBA as he has the accursed combination of cockiness (“Blake Griffin is the American Jan Vesely“) and troubling lack of basketball skill (his FT% was sub-Shaq, supposedly).  So whatever, the Wiz could have chosen Mahatma Gandhi and I wouldn’t care.  Moving on.

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Round 4, Game 6 (Miami v Dallas)

Final score: Dallas 105, Miami 95

Before I forget everything I watched in the NBA finals and more specifically, game 6, I guess I should blog about it.  I’m sorry for my big layoff, but here we go.  Just so you know going into this blog, I’m not going to talk about the game specifically, but more in general about the finals and the future.  And I’ve got a bunch more blogs on the way, so I won’t cover too much in this one. Continue reading

Round 4, Game 5 (Dallas v Miami)

Final score: Dallas 112: Miami 103

This series is becoming stranger and stranger in my mind.  Dallas now takes a 3-2 lead going back to Miami for game 6 (and possibly 7), shattering my prediction and opening, for me, a huge bag of questions about Lebron and the Heat and basketball in general. Continue reading

Round 4, Game 4 (Dallas v Miami)

Final score: Dallas 86, Miami 83

Right now the plot of this finals is like a super-cooled liquid it’s so thick.  The series is tied at two games a piece, but nothing I’ve seen in 4 games gives me any reason to believe that the Mavs can pull this series out.  Yet at the same time, nothing I’ve seen from Miami makes me feel like the Heat have locked this series up. Continue reading

Round 4, Game 3 (Dallas v Miami)

Final score: Miami 88, Dallas 86

I promised myself I wouldn’t get carried away with Dallas’ game 2 victory, but I still let myself fall for the trap that is the expectations game.  Here’s the weird thing about this game: everyone, myself included, thought that Dallas was going to win the game, or so it seemed.  Pundits and the like were saying it could go either way, but come game-time, watching the game, it seemed like every fan in the arena was just utterly convinced that no matter what, Dallas was going to pull out a victory.  It was truly the unspoken secret that everyone, for some reason, thought that Dallas was going to win.  Thus when Dirk’s shot bounced off the rim, the crowd seemed completely stunned as if they didn’t know how to react.  It wasn’t a crowd like the one in Miami, stunned by what had transpired, it was a crowd that literally was trying to make sense of something that seemed outside their scope of understanding. Continue reading

Round 4, Game 2 (Miami v Dallas)

Final score: Dallas 95, Maimi 93

Here are a couple quotes from yours truly after game 1:

“Going forward, Dallas has a lot of work to do.  Like I said before, a tie isn’t good enough for the Mavs, because they just have such an extremely large talent deficit.  Dallas has to continue to play good defense and hope Miami starts missing some 3′s.” Continue reading