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The Economics of the NBA (or Why we have an NBA Lockout)

Having an interest in both economics as well as basketball means that the lockout is a perfect storm of intrigue for yours truly.  And, of course, being the opinionated blogger that I am, it gives me perfect material for yet another piece.  I’ve heard all sorts of “millionaires against billionaires” stories, but I don’t really want to simply add another uninformed (or semi-informed) opinion, so instead I’ll take what I know from the NBA financially and cross it with what I know from economics and we’ll see what we get in the end.  So here’s my perspective on what’s going on with the NBA. Continue reading


State of the NBA (Part 1: East; Atlantic)

So now that the season and the draft are over, I feel like it’s time to take a look at the NBA now and, this being my blog, I’ll go ahead and do just that.  I’ve got another blog on the economics of the NBA on its way, which will outline my perspective on the collective bargaining agreement, the lockout and all things money-related in the NBA.  But for now, I’ll focus on the state of the league from a basketball perspective.  I don’t know exactly where I’m going with this, but it’ll probably end up being very long and far more in-depth than I initially planned. Continue reading

2011 Draft (part 2)

It’s like 2:30 AM.  I should be in bed.  But basketball waits for no man (woman or child), so let’s do this thing.  With the 6th pick in the 2011 NBA draft, the Washington Wizards selected Jan Vesely (SF/PF; Czech) in their attempt to create the most athletic and out-of-control team in history.  I’m alright with this pick for the Wizards mostly because I am extremely ambivalent (yes, very, very ambivalent) to them as a team.  I don’t think Vesely will be anything spectacular in the NBA as he has the accursed combination of cockiness (“Blake Griffin is the American Jan Vesely“) and troubling lack of basketball skill (his FT% was sub-Shaq, supposedly).  So whatever, the Wiz could have chosen Mahatma Gandhi and I wouldn’t care.  Moving on.

Continue reading

2011 Draft (Part 1)

Because I fell so far behind in my blogging (due to a 3 week hiatus that included a trip to Montana, lots of pizza and an ungodly amount of AoE), I have yet to give my two-cents worth on the NBA draft.  So here goes: Continue reading

The Decision (part 2)

Before I begin talking about the upcoming NBA finals, I just wanted to add a couple words on Lebron James.  As you’ve seen, I posted a long(ish) article about the “Decision” and why I thought it was such a bad idea.  Well, one very weird story that I’ve been hearing and reading a lot in the media over the last week or so has been that the SuperFriends’ get together was/is good for the NBA.  Needless to say, I think this is total garbage.  The evidence used currently to support such theories is that the ratings for the NBA have never been better for the NBA at large and for the Miami Heat specifically.  Three things about this trend: 1) it’s extremely short-term 2) it can’t tell why people are watching 3) higher viewership does not equal “good for the NBA.”  Let me explain. Continue reading

Round 3, Game 5 (Chicago v Miami)

There really are not words for what happened last night in Chicago.  For anyone  who follows this blog, it is no secret my disdain for Lebron, Miami and the SuperFriends, so what I saw last night felt horrible.  With every jumper, layup and bad foul call, something inside me died.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d already consigned myself to the fact that the SuperFriends would win, but seeing them actually dominate crunch-time and sweep Chicago and its vaunted defense out of the way with such ease was sickening. Continue reading

Round 3, Game 2 (Chicago v Miami)

So I have a confession to make.  I didn’t watch all of the most of the Chicago game.  Thus I do not have too much to say about it.  However, from what I have seen, as well as the highlights and stats (which, no matter how much Bill Simmons maligns still give a good idea of how the game developed) I got a good idea of how this game played out. Continue reading